Beskyd TATRA Challenger 2024

Czech Republic, Kopřivnice

Emila Zátopek's Stadium, Tatra Museum Kopřivnice

Get ready for an adrenaline-filled weekend like never before!

Beskyd Tatra Challenger 2024 is here to ignite your passion for sport and adventure.
This exceptional event will kick off on Friday with the thrilling School Championships in Kopřivnice and set the scene for the action-packed weekend ahead.

On Saturday and Sunday, the excitement will reach its peak with not one, but two incredible races that promise to keep you on your toes.

First up is the prestigious 2024 Czech International Laser Run Championships, exclusively for elite pentathlon club athletes. Here the best of the best will battle it out and showcase their skills and determination on the international stage. It is an opportunity to see top athletic performances up close and in person.

Laser Run

The Laser Run is part of the modern pentathlon, which combines different sporting elements into one exciting discipline. To explain Laser Run to someone who has never heard of it, we’ll break down its components and rules:

The basis of modern pentathlon

The Laser Run is one of the five disciplines of the modern pentathlon, which originated in the early 20th century and was originally designed to test a soldier's ability. The five disciplines are Fencing, Swimming, Riding and Laser Run ( formerly Combine event ).


Laser shooting

In the Laser Run discipline, athletes use a special laser simulator ( laser pistol ) instead of traditional firearms. This simulator sends out a laser beam when fired at a target. The targets are equipped with sensors for accurate hit detection. Athletes must be accurate and fast when shooting.


The "Running" portion of Laser Run involves running laps around a track or designated course. The running sections alternate with the shooting sections to create a dynamic and challenging race.


Combined event

The Laser Run is a combined event, meaning it combines two different sports, in this case laser shooting and running, into one. Athletes must excel in both skills to achieve good results in the Laser Run.

About us

Beskyd Tatra Challenger 2024 is just the beginning of an exciting journey. As organisers, we have ambitious plans to expand the scope of the event, with future events to be held in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. In addition, there are rumours that the European Laser Run Championships could grace the picturesque streets of Kopřivnice. The future is bright and the possibilities are endless.

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