Our partners and sponsors


General partner

Tatra is a well-known car manufacturer with a rich history dating back to the end of the 19th century. The company was founded in 1850 in Kopřivnice, Czech Republic, by Ignác Šustala and originally started as a manufacturer of carriages and coaches. However, Tatra soon expanded its activities to include the production of cars and trucks.

Throughout its history, Tatra has been known for its innovative engineering and design, especially in the field of commercial vehicles. The company gained international recognition for its pioneering use of rear-mounted air-cooled engines, which provided a number of advantages in terms of performance, reliability and off-road capability.

One of Tatra’s most iconic vehicles is the Tatra T87, introduced in 1936, which featured an aerodynamic design and advanced technology for its time. The T87 was renowned for its high-speed performance and became a favourite among government officials and dignitaries.

In the mid-20th century, Tatra continued to produce a range of commercial trucks and vehicles for civilian and military use. The company’s trucks were widely used in various industries, including transport, construction and agriculture.

Today, Tatra remains a major player in the automotive industry, focusing primarily on the production of heavy trucks and specialised vehicles. The company continues to uphold its legacy of innovation and quality and strives to deliver reliable and high-performance vehicles for a wide variety of applications.



Main partner

The International Union of Modern Pentathlon (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne, UIPM) is the international governing body for modern pentathlon, a multi-disciplinary sport that combines five disciplines: fencing, swimming, show jumping and the combined discipline of pistol shooting and cross-country running. The UIPM was founded in 1948 and oversees the organisation and promotion of modern pentathlon competitions at international level, including the Olympic Games, World Championships and various other regional and global events. The organization’s goal is to develop and promote modern pentathlon around the world while upholding the principles of fair play, sportsmanship and athletics.


Main partner

The Czech Modern Pentathlon Association (CMPA) is the national governing body responsible for the organisation and development of modern pentathlon in the Czech Republic. The CMPA was established to oversee the activities of the sport in the country, and coordinates competitions, training programmes and initiatives aimed at promoting modern pentathlon at all levels, from grassroots to elite. The Federation works closely with the International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) and other international bodies to ensure compliance with rules and regulations and to facilitate participation in international events such as the Olympic Games and World Championships. Through its efforts, the CMPA strives to promote the development of modern pentathlon and cultivate a strong community of athletes, coaches and enthusiasts throughout the Czech Republic.



Main partner

The tourism management company representing the tourist region of North Moravia and Silesia specializes in destination management and operates under the name “Destination Company of the Moravian-Silesian Region”. Its main focus is the development of the tourist region’s brand and a concentrated effort to position it as an attractive destination for holidays, film productions and congresses. 

Cooperation with various entities in the tourism industry is mediated through the 3K platform, where activities to support the development of tourism in the Moravian-Silesian Region are coordinated. B2B communication channels are maintained through the company’s website and LinkedIn profile.

A proactive approach to market analysis is the basis for the formulation of an effective marketing mix tailored to specific demographic groups of visitors, with the main objective of increasing visitor numbers to the region. The dissemination of information to visitors is mediated through the company’s managed tourism portal, as well as through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

The company aims to improve the quality of tourism services in the region and has introduced measures such as service evaluation and performance assessment to achieve this goal. Educational events, including an annual tourism conference, are organised to provide advice and support to tourism partners.

In product development, the company spearheads initiatives such as the ‘100 Stories of the First Republic’ project, commemorating the anniversary of the Czechoslovak state, and manages the Technotrail, a trail highlighting the region’s industrial heritage.

At a time of tourism crisis brought on by COVID-19, the company launched a marketing campaign “We have a world-class region”, accompanied by a social media appeal #vyzvaMSK with video invitations from prominent regional figures. In addition, the company organises the Moravian-Silesian Region Tourism Awards, which recognise the outstanding contributions of entities operating in the tourism sector.

Their efforts are guided by the current Tourism Management Strategy of the Moravian-Silesian Region, which covers the period 2021-2025.



Lašský Sport Club F-M is a member of the Czech Modern Pentathlon Association, the Czech Swimming Association, the Czech Fencing Association and the Czech Triathlon Association.

Our club LSK F-M was founded in Frýdek-Místek in 2012. The main sport for our members is modern pentathlon, but we can also boast great sporting achievements in swimming, athletics, park riding, triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon.

The patron of our club is Libor Capalini, multiple medalist from the World and European Championships, Olympic medalist in modern pentathlon from Athens.

For the youngest children and complete beginners we have two sports units in our club “Athlete” and “Swimmer”, where children enjoy a lot of movement games and competitions on the playground and in the water. After this basic movement training, the children can decide where their future sporting activities will lead.

The most common training is initially swimming, which the athletes do 2 – 4 times a week, depending on their individual swimming level. Generally speaking, the younger the athlete, the more they train swimming at the expense of running, and gradually as they get older, the ratio of cycling training changes in favour of running. The ideal is a situation where each athlete trains swimming and running according to individual needs, which is, however, difficult to realize with a larger number of club members. Joint running training sessions are three times a week.

Shooting and fencing are on the schedule two to three times a week, which is probably the minimum condition that allows progression in these technical disciplines.

The aim is to create a training and competition programme for the athletes such that they can manage both main activities, i.e. school, training and competitions. The modern pentathlon racing season usually starts in March and lasts until October. However, swimming competitions are on the schedule year-round.

In modern pentathlon, children up to the age of 13 train and compete first in two events: swimming and running, i.e. the double event. At age 13, the third sport becomes laser pistol shooting, and we have a triathlon – swimming, shooting, running. Then at the age of 15 comes combined running (running/shooting). Fencing also starts to compete and we have a quadruple – swimming, fencing, running/shooting. Horse riding comes on the program at age 18, and pentathlon is complete. When and where do we start training for each discipline? Check out the links – Modern Pentathlon, Swimming, Fencing, Shooting,


Pentashot EU


True innovation can only flourish in a space without limits. That’s how Pentashot was born. It’s been a challenging journey, but a pivotal moment in 2016 confirmed our vision. That year, athletes armed with our cutting-edge equipment won gold at the Olympic Games. It was a testament not only to their skills, but also to the game-changing potential of our products. It’s not just a business, it’s a revolution in laser technology and we’re just getting started.

SPORTS CLUB Kopřivnice


Our mission is to provide a range of services at a professional level for all citizens of Kopřivnice, thus providing the necessary opportunity for physical activities and prevention for children, youth and young adults.

The club allows all age groups to actively use leisure activities in the field of swimming sports, athletics, modern pentathlon and triathlon, An integral part of our activities is the inclusion of disabled children and youth, as well as the organization of traditional events for the maximum number of citizens of Kopřivnice and the surrounding area (for example, for several years we have the largest number of people interested in suburban camps).

The aim of our activities is the development of a healthy lifestyle and key competences for acquiring the right habits in everyday life and the basis for better employment in the future on the labour market.

The club strives to ensure the development of all age groups of children and young people so that they are able to spend their free time well and, above all, fully and without disturbing their surroundings and environment with pathological phenomena.

Through the Club, all ages are actively involved in activities that develop not only teamwork but also good attitudes towards life. Our members have a positive attitude towards sport as such and through it they actively fill their free time. Sport becomes for them a tool for self-fulfilment, a motivation for continuous improvement and a means of relaxation and breaking down excess energy.